A Galaxy At War

The year is 5 ATC. Just a few short years ago, the Sith Empire tricked the Galactic Senate into giving up Corellia, a major shipping manufacturing world. It also fought heavily to attain Balmorra, an arms and droid planet. These cost the Senate heavily, effectively giving the Sith Empire victory over the campaign.

Now, a quiet war exists. Both sides know it’s going on, but appearances must be kept for political reasons. Nobles and Scoundrels are used in equal measure, with both sides vying for attention and loyalty from previously-unaligned planets.

Heroes Become Pawns

Two of our adventurers were found on a mission for the Jedi Council – those found appear to have lost two years of time, frozen in stasis. A slave-trader, perhaps? Who’s pulling the strings?

And now, a journey to Nar Shadaa reveals the plot to thicken, caught in a web of intrigue, crime, adversity, and one-upmanship. Are the PCs heroes, solving a planetary conflict, or are they pieces in a large game of Dejarik?

A Galaxy At War

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